Join the thought leaders of the future and hear what they are saying about digital transformation and the future of work.

IT, HR and communication professionals try to understand the new technologies that drive the processes of the future. COVID-19 brought new challenges and opportunities for the new ways of how we live and work. 

To help leaders and executives navigate the complex world of digital transformation, we’ve gathered a list of top conferences and events for the industries:

    • The future of work, digital workplaces and intranets
    • Managed Services and IT Resellers
    • IT Leaders and CIOs
    • Cybersecurity and cloud
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Government

Download the full up to date list of events below. An adaptive workspace like Workspace 365 can help you on your digital transformation journey, by simplifying tasks and processes and improving communication and the adoption of digital tools. Curious? Why not book a free demo?


Download the full list of events

    Future of work, digital workplace and intranets

    Conference Date Location
    Digital Workplace Conference RECHARGED (TBA) TBA Australia
    Brussels Digital Workplace Conference TBA Belgium
    Nationaal Intranetsymposium 2021 TBA Netherlands
    Congres Intranet amp; Digital Workplace TBA Netherlands
    Digital Workplace Summit London (TBA) TBA UK
    Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2021 18/01/2021 France
    The Digital Workforce Innovation Conference 28/01/2021 UK
    Digital Workplace amp; Intranet Global Forum Virtual Conference 2021 02/02/2021 North America
    ScaleUp 360 ° Intranet DACH 23/02/2021 Germany
    Digital Workplace Tech FORUM 24/02/2021 Germany
    Intrateam Online Event 08/03/2021 Denmark
    Virtual Digital Workplace Conference 10/03/2021 UK
    Intranet Italia Day 22/04/2021 Italy
    Digital Workplace Conference New Zealand 2021 04/05/2021 New Zealand
    Digital Workplace Summit NSW 2021 04/05/2021 Australia
    Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2021 (TBA) 29/05/2021 North America
    VMWorld 2021 US (TBA) 01/08/2021 North America
    Digital Employee Experience 01/09/2021 Australia
    Vault: Digital Workspace London 2021 06/10/2021 London
    Digital Workplace Experience 13/10/2021 North America
    Digital transformation in the workplace (Frankwatching) 09/11/2021 Netherlands

    Managed Services & IT Resellers

    Conference Date Location
    Channel Evolution Europe: 2021 TBA UK
    IT Nation Connect TBA Netherlands
    DattoCon21 USA TBA North America
    Channel Partners Virtual 2021: Accelerating Evolution 02/03/2021 Virtual
    IT Partners 2021: France 19/05/2021 France
    MSP day Italy 11/06/2021 Virtual
    MSP Expo 22/06/2021 North America
    Managed Service Summit Europe 01/07/2021 Netherlands
    Managed Service Summit London 15/09/2021 UK
    Connect IT 19/10/2021
    Channel Partners Evolution USA: 2021 01/11/2021 North America
    Managed Service Summit North America 16/11/2021 North America
    Frankly MSP 01/01/2022 North America

    IT Leaders and CIOs

    Conference Date Location
    Digital Saudi 2030 TBA Saudi Arabia
    Google Cloud Next TBA Virtual
    EDUCAUSE TBA Virtual
    Dell Event TBA Virtual
    Aruba Networks Event TBA Virtual
    Hewlet Packard Event TBA Virtual
    Adobe Mac TBA Virtual
    AWS re:inforce TBA Virtual
    2nd CTO Summit 17/02/2021 Australia
    Developer Week Virtal 17/02/2021 North America
    IDC Directions 23/02/2021 Virtual
    IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2021 24/02/2021 Middle East
    Microsoft Ignite 02/03/2021 North America
    CIO Summit India 09/03/2021 India
    IDC Cloud & Datacenter 2021 11/03/2021 Virtual
    Cisco Live 31/03/2021 North America
    IDC Summit 07/04/2021 Virtual
    Innovation Africa 13/04/2021 Africa
    Adobe Summit 27/04/2021 North America
    Red Hat Summit 2021 27/04/2021 Virtual
    IBM Think 11/05/2021 Virtual
    Digit Leader 2021 26/05/2021 Scotland
    Viva Technology 16/06/2021 France

    Cybersecurity and cloud

    Conference Date Location
    Cloud Public Sector Summit 20/01/2021 Virtual
    Infrastructure Series: IT Modernization 25/02/2021 Virtual
    Black Hat Asia 15/03/2021 Asia
    Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Global 2021: Virtual 17/03/2021 Virtual
    Infrastructure Series: Security 31/03/2021 Virtual
    Interop Cybersecurity Event 29/04/2021 North America
    Black Hat USA 04/05/2021 North America
    RSA Conference 17/05/2021 North America
    Infosecurity 25 years 08/06/2021 UK
    AI GOV: Future of RPA 09/06/2021 Virtual
    The Security Event for European IT Channel 24/06/2021 UK
    Cloud Expo Europe 07/07/2021 Virtual
    Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Global 2021: London Live 06/09/2021 UK
    DTX 06/10/2021 UK
    Infrastructure Series: Cloud Summit 06/10/2021 Virtual
    Black Hat Europe 08/11/2021 Europe


    Conference Date Location
    The Future of Healthcare TBA North America
    Digital Health Online Summit TBA Virtual
    3rd International - Digital Health 2021 TBA Virtual
    MedTech 2021 TBA UK
    The GCCCF Digital Conference - CARE 2025 TBA Germany
    EIT Health Summit Series 2021 TBA Virtual
    Digital Health & Care Scotland 24/02/2021 Scotland
    DigitalHealth Rewired 15/03/2021 UK
    Digital Health Technology Show 16/03/2021 UK
    IDC Healthcare DACH 25/03/2021 Germany
    Digital Health World Congress 30/03/2021 UK
    Wired Health Virtual 2021 31/03/2021 North America
    Innovation for Health NL 15/04/2021 Netherlands
    Future Health Summit 27/04/2021 Ireland
    European Health-Tech Innovation Week™ 17/05/2021 UK
    Digital Healthcare Transformation 18/05/2021 North America
    Patient Experience Transformation 18/05/2021 North America
    Vitalis Health Scandinavia 18/05/2021 Nordics
    Future Healthcare Turkey 20/05/2021 Turkey
    MEA Berlin 08/06/2021 Germany
    Cyberscape Series: healthcare 24/06/2021 Virtual
    Digital Healthcare Show 07/07/2021 UK
    HIMMS 21 - Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 09/08/2021 Virtual
    Digital Services Series: Health IT 16/09/2021 Virtual
    Healthcare Analytics 2021 21/09/2021 Virtual
    The Next Generation of NHS Care: Healthcare Digital Technology Virtual Conference 22/09/2021 UK
    Health Data Forum 27/10/2021 Portugal
    Intelligent Health AI UK 11/10/2021 UK


    Conference Date Location
    Virtual Conference on education TBA North America
    Global Education Technology Summit & Expo TBA China
    TCEA Convention & Exposition 01/02/2021 North America
    Digifest 2021 08/03/2021 UK
    SXSW EDU 09/03/2021 North America
    Schools & Academies Show 27/04/2021 UK
    London EdTech Week 14/06/2021 UK
    ISTE - Design a New Learning Landscape 26/06/2021 North America
    Sett - Nordics 14/09/2021 Nordics
    OEB Global Learning Technology 01/12/2021 Germany
    Bettfest 19/02/2022 UK


    Conference Date Location
    GovTech Summit 2020 TBA UK
    Think Gov 2020 IBM TBA North America
    Accelerating the pace of ICT in Government 21/01/2021 UK
    Digital Leader - Insight Live: Public Sectors 01/03/2021 UK
    Digital Government Summit 03/03/2021 North America
    Global Government Forum Digital Summit 11/03/2021 UK
    Public Sector ICT 23/03/2021 UK
    Global Technology Governance Summit 06/04/2021 Japan
    Federal Digital Transformation Conference 22/04/2021 UK
    Government to Citizen Engagement through the Digital Evolution 13/05/2021 UK
    e-Governance Conference 18/05/2021 Estonia
    5th Annual Government Digital Transformation and Data NZ Summit 26/05/2021 New Zealand
    Digital Next Summit 2021 26/05/2021 Saudi Arabia
    Tech in Gov - Australia 10/08/2021 Australia
    GMIS Government IT Leaders 22/08/2021 North America
    12th Annual Arizona Technology Summit 08/09/2021 North America
    Florida Virtual Digital Government Summit 2021 30/09/2021 North America
    DigiTech LocalGov Summit 14/10/2021 Virtual
    Government Digital Technology 2021: A guide for delivering successful digital strategies 04/11/2021 UK
    Digital Summit Australian Government 10/11/2021 Australia
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