Today we can present to you a very cool update, because update 2.59 gives you the ability to create your own live tiles with iFrames and gives people even more possibilities to create the ideal workspace to cater to their individual needs. Let’s take a look at the newest additions and improvements. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: Create your own Web content live tiles with iFrames

We add new live tiles to the digital workspace every month. With this we integrate information from applications so that people have everything centrally available, based on their role. To make sure that organisations are able to create personalised digital workspaces even faster, we are launching our Web content tile. By loading information in a tile through an iFrame, it creates endless possibilities to start working on yourself.

embed-webcontent-iframe Workspace 365

Some nice examples are integrating videos (YouTube or Vimeo), calendars (for example from Google), Google Maps, data from business applications and many more. IT partners can develop tiles themselves, but by using iFrames you can simply create a completely personalised workspace with exactly the information you find important yourself, without any programming. There are some applications that don’t allow using an iFrame by default in the digital workspace. If you encounter such applications, let us know. Naturally, we’re happy to help.

New: Switch between applications in Clientless RDP

Also, it’s now possible to easily switch between applications in the latest version of Clientless RDP. By clicking on the application button, as shown in the GIF below, you easily switch between applications.

Switch apps clientless rdp Workspace 365

New: Set up multiple password sets for integrations

From this update forward it’s possible to save multiple sets of passwords. This allows you to reach several remote desktop connections and your fileserver from one digital workspace. Because of this, you can easily switch between the fileserver and other applications, without having to login again.

Credential sets Workspace 365

New: Select your preferences for opening Office files

Do you prefer opening your Office files with your desktop app, rather than Office online? Then you can set up your preferred Office application as the standard. As a workspace user, you can set up your Office application preference through the taskbar in the document app. This way, you open your documents with your favourite application with just one click. Do you want to open a document with Office online? Then you can right-click or use the taskbar at the top.

Documents-set-open-preference Workspace 365

New: Norwegian Workspace 365 ‘digitalt arbeidsområde’

More and more international customers and partners are using Workspace 365 as their digital workspace. To help these people to simplify IT, we gladly keep adding new languages. From this update forward, Workspace 365 will be available in Norwegian (Norsk). Velkommen!

New: Open Workspace 365 elements in a new tab

Sometimes it’s useful to have different elements of the workspace opened at the same time, for example if you’re sending an e-mail with information you’re copying from the Power BI live tile or when you simply don’t feel like constantly clicking to get back to your dashboard. That is why it’s now possible to set up how you want your applications, documents, e-mail and Business Apps to open: in the same screen or in a new tab.

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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