Why integrate video into your digital workspace? People like to watch product reviews, recorded podcasts and cat videos. This way, they inform themselves by video and seek relaxation. Every day, almost 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Also on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat videos appear on your timeline. Video is becoming more and more important, so it’s time to think about the use of video in your digital workspace. In this blog we discuss six examples of video in your digital workplace.

1. Instructional videos for applications

Google’s Research has shown that 96% of the people watch instructional videos about products or software applications. It is always quite a challenge for (new) employees to get to know the company and the applications they will be working with.

Integrating instructional videos into the digital workspace makes it easier for employees to discover and understand the workspace. This way, an employee can always watch instructional videos to see how an application works. This saves time for the employer to onboard a new employee. For the employee it is a fun way to get to know the workspace.

This is also an effective method to support people who work from home or in multiple locations.

2. Training videos for processes

In addition to instructional videos, training videos can also be shared in the digital workspace. If processes change, for example for a care institution in times of COVID-19, employees can switch quickly after watching the video. By integrating it into your digital workspace, an employee can view these processes at any time and on any device.

3. Internal communications

As a result of COVID-19, working from home has become more normal; almost 50% of the working population in the Netherlands works (partly) from home. In addition, Smart Working is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. Smart Working focuses on the employees and gives them the freedom to organise their working time themselves, which is not time or location dependent. Therefore, it is important to communicate well internally. For example, the director or department managers can give a video update about the company.

Besides informational videos, it is also fun to put the employees in the spotlight. This contributes to team spirit and keeps employees motivated. For example, make a video of the reactions of dogs and cats to their owners who spend more time in their territory.

This way, fun milestones can also be shared, so that everyone still feels connected to the company. The Announcement tile in Workspace 365 makes it easy for administrators to send announcements to all employees in the digital workspace.

4. Aftermovies

Nothing is more fun than a staff party or an event where the organisation is present. You take the memories home with you, but how much fun is it when you can look back? By placing an aftermovie in the digital workspace, employees can always look back on an unforgettable day! New employees also see what fun activities they can expect within the company in the future.

5. Internal recruitment video 

When new vacancies become available, they are often first shared internally. By making a recruitment video, you can motivate employees to grow within the company and encourage them to look outside the organisation for people who might be suitable for that position and for the company. The recruitment video can be integrated into the digital workspace or shared within the company via a social network such as Yammer.

6. A message comes across better on Video

With a video you can reach people much better, anticipate on emotion and create a personal bond. Placing a video makes the employees more enthusiastic and creates interaction between them. A message from the CEO while everyone works from home ensures that the employees remain involved with the company. Are you a communication manager and would you like tips on managing your team while working from home? Read more tips here!

Integrating video in your digital workspace

Integrating video into your digital workspace is therefore highly recommended. Videos are not only suitable as entertainment, but can also be important for the internal communication. Stay in touch with your employees and make it easy for new employees to get to know the company and product better. In a fun way!

Easily push video’s to your digital workspace with Workspace 365

Within Workspace 365 there are various possibilities to integrate video into your digital workspace. With the YouTube tile, web content and the announcement tile, videos can be integrated into Workspace 365. Are you curious about the possibilities of Workspace 365? Click here for a demo.

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