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One flexible workspace

Workspace 365 brings together everything you need to simplify your work. One single login and single view on any device for all your information, communication, web & legacy applications.

  Automatically personalised workspace for your role

  One log-in for all your applications

  Integrates your current and future technology investments

Immediate access. No credit card required.

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“We have completely transitioned from Citrix to an online workspace with SaaS solutions. This brings a drastic reduction in costs for licences, maintenance and management. Now everyone can work from any device, this was not possible before.”
Maik Berkelmans, IT Architect @ RSZK ZorgProfessionals

“Thanks to Workspace 365 we can work safely and efficiently with our online workspace. We open all of our documents and applications easily from any device.” 

Harrie Heerkens, Product Owner @ (non-profit organization)

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Integrate all in one workspace

Many companies move to Office 365, but still need legacy applications & file servers. Bundle these in one adaptive workspace, so that you can easily access local-, web- or Windows applications, the file server and cloud document solutions.

Simplify access to old and new applications with SSO

Users reach web- and Windows applications within one click, without having to log in to each application. With single sign-on you don’t have to worry about password management.

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