The new Office 2016 suite, released by our partner Microsoft, brings many advantages to both end-users as IT-pro’s. Today I’d like to give a view on the benefits of the Office 2016 update, which help to make your life as Workspace 365 users and admins even easier.

Office 2016 advantages for end-users in Workspace 365

As we always focus on making work easier for end-users, we’ll first zoom in on the advantages of Office 2016 for them.

Selective Sync –  A nice update to OneDrive for Business, including a new sync client for Windows and Mac, which improves selective sync and enhances reliability. This allows you to store e.g. 50GB online while you only sync 2GB to your device. This update also includes something I looked forward to, namely increased file size and volume limits per user, mobile enhancements, and new IT and developer features.

Order your inbox automatically – How many newsletters do you receive? I’m sure I receive over 30 newsletters a week, but I don’t want them in my inbox as that is where my communication takes place. Therefore, Outlook 2016 added clutter, an option to send unimportant e-mails directly to your clutter box. This way your Workspace 365 mailbox will stay clean for communication!

Collaborate in real time- In Workspace 365 it is already to work together on an Office Online app today. But Microsoft will now bring that same experience to the Windows Desktop applications. When you are working in Word 2016 and/or Office online at the same time as a colleague, you’ll be able to see where other editors are working and what they are writing. Try it with Office Online in Workspace 365.

Simplify data analysis– As a marketer I love to analyze, or actually I need to analyze because I love to share the results of analysis with all my team members in a visual way. Microsoft understood this and that is why they integrated new analysis capabilities into Excel 2016, allowing you to create forecasts with one click to predict future trends. And by allowing you to publish to Microsoft Power BI Preview, which you can open from your workspace.

Say bye to dull charts- Next to adding sharing options in Office 2016, they’ve added new charts to Excel 2016; including Sunburst, TreeMap, Whisker, Waterfall & Box and Pareto & Histogram. This will help all managers to visualize data in a modern way.

Office 2016 advantages for IT-admins

Microsoft does think about IT-admins, just like us they want to make your work easier. In the new Office 2016 edition they made it easier to control device activations across users. You can do this from your Office 365 admin portal, which you as Workspace 365 admin of course added a shortcut to from your workspace.

Read more about the Office 2016 updates for IT-admins on Microsoft’s blog.

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