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Citrix Workspace

What is Citrix Workspace?

Citrix Workspace (formerly known as XenApp) is a remote desktop solution that makes it possible to make applications available on any device. This way you can open applications from any location without having to install or update them. Within Workspace 365 it is possible to integrate Citrix Workspace (XenApp) so that you can open remote applications or the remote desktop from a single workspace. You can choose between the web client or the local Citrix Receiver.

How does Citrix Workspace work in Workspace 365?

Integrate Citrix Workspace (XenApp) within Workspace 365. This gives you access to remote applications and desktops with one click, in one digital workspace. When using Citrix Workspace from Workspace 365 you have the following advantages:

  • A single login to all Citrix Workspace applications and the hosted desktop.
  • You don’t have to install anything, you can open your applications or the desktop with one click.
  • Use our workspace management tools to manage Citrix applications, including Maintenance mode, role-based application groups and Conditional Access allowing the workspace to adapt to people’s role, location, device, browser and more.
  • Offer one digital workplace with all web, local and remote applications. In the same place where all information from the intranet, applications, documents and Microsoft 365 are integrated.


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