Every day more than 50.000 people make use of Single Sign-On possibilities within Workspace 365. After logging in once, they can open their web applications with one click, without having to log in again. However, a lot of service providers tell us that Azure, the underlying service, doesn’t always provide enough options around SSO access. Because of this we’d proudly like to present our own SSO and multi-factor authentication module: Clientless SSO & MFA.

Logging in once or extra authentication with Clientless SSO & MFA

Without a browser plug-in you can open any application on any device after a single sign in or even with extra authentication, thanks to Clientless SSO & MFA. So you have access to any application in any browser. Our premium partners can offer you SSO & MFA as an additional service to their current workplace propositions (Portal/Hybrid/Ultimate). *Not all of the web applications can be disclosed with SSO & MFA. This could be due to technical restrictions or because the application simply won’t allow it. We would be happy to figure this out for you.

How does Workspace 365 Clientless SSO & MFA work?

With our digital workplace we continually focus on simplicity. Every day we ask ourselves how we can make work easier for people. That’s why it’s very user-friendly.

If they have SSO through Clientless SSO, they can open their workspace, click on an application and it  will open without having to log in or having to install a plug-in. If a company were to choose multi-factor authentication through Clientless MFA, then they would click on an application, a code will be sent to their mobile phone, an app or through hardware token. After entering this code, the application will open.

What is different from your previous Single Sign-On solution through Azure?

A good question and it is also important to know what the possibilities are surrounding SSO (Single Sign-On) and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). It’s already possible to apply MFA to access Workspace 365. This is how Workspace 365 offers an extra layer of security for disclosing applications that are available to this. SSO is also already possible with applications that have a link with Azure AD. You can find these web applications in Azure Marketplace: https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us

Here we differentiate two types of web applications: the Password-based and the SAML-based applications. To make the Password-based applications available for SSO, you need a browser plug-in. The SAML-based applications use Azure AD credentials, so a browser plug-in is not needed. MFA on an application level isn’t possible. With Clientless SSO & MFA a plug-in isn’t needed for either type of application.

Workspace 365
(Azure included in Portal, Hybrid & Ultimate)
Clientless SSO Clientless MFA
One log-in for web applications X X
Plugin required for ‘password based’ Single Sign-On X
Multi factor authentication for the entire workspace X X
Multi factor authentication for specific application(s) X

Are there extra costs for Workspace 365 Clientless SSO & MFA?

Yes, the service is an expansion seperate from the current licences and is only available through Workspace 365 Premium Partners for the time being. Premium partners can request pricing information through their partner manager.

Can any company utilize Clientless SSO & MFA in Workspace 365?

Seeing as it’s a special service, the following conditions are applicable:

  • One monthly licence price per user, for an unlimited amount of applications;
  • Still to be developed links can only be offered after checking the technical feasibility;
  • Minimal commitment of 50 users per company;
  • No implementation-, development- or other set-up costs.

How do I find out which applications are available with Clientless SSO & MFA?

On our website there is a limited selection. However, one of the strengths of Clientless SSO & MFA is that we can support applications that are currently not available. Therefore you can state the applications you want Clientless SSO & MFA for on the following page: https://workspace365.net/en/product-tour/single-sign-on-applications/. After your request, we will get in touch with you and we will examine which applications are available.


What do I have to do as a Workspace administrator?

Good news, if you’re an administrator you don’t have to do a lot. The Clientless SSO & MFA platform is hosted by New Day at Work. There will only be a link created between your or your customers’ Azure AD environment and the Clientless SSO & MFA platform. For this we will get in touch with you. When this link is created, we will deliver the needed URL of the applications, so you can easily add them to your digital workplace.

How do partners offer Clientless SSO or Clientless MFA to their customers?

As a premium Workspace 365 partner you have the possibility to, based on the information above, offer it to customers. However, it is wise to contact your partner manager. We would like to help with launching Clientless SSO & MFA for your customers. This way we can also deliver supporting presentation material or help with creating a mailing for announcement.

Kind regards,

Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist

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