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As an organisation entering the UK market, making a mark on the UK tech sector requires a lot more than just delivering a great product to our customers. Staying true to our mission of delivering an adaptive digital workplace means that work starts now.

workspace 365

What is Workspace 365?

Workspace 365 is an adaptive digital workplace that unites every employee with their specific IT needs, simplifying their business software experience. We bring your digital world together, all your apps, systems and information in a single interface with a single Sign-On.

Workspace 365 3 devices 2023

Smooth cloud transitioning (legacy, virtualised, local and SaaS in one environment)

Centralise your IT landscape

Simplify and streamline work processes and improve software adoption

Improve employee productivity

Sales training: How to get the ‘wow effect’ during presentations

Increase business agility

Deliver a consistent interface, offering a high-quality digital experience, anywhere and from any device

Reach new customer segments

Stand out in a crowded market place with your own unique digital workplace

Give your customers a user experience they can’t get anywhere else even from Microsoft  

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Why work with Workspace 365?

Partnering with Workspace 365 can provide you, as MSP, with a comprehensive, easy-to-manage, scalable, cost-effective, and secure solution for modern digital workplaces.

Offer a white-label hosted or self-hosted digital workplace

Support to onboard your first five customers

Implementation in a data centre of your choice to fully integrate with the core infrastructure of your customers

Support training: How to setup workplaces and answer first line questions

Sales training: How to get the ‘wow effect’ during presentations

Existing customer plan: Lowering your service costs and helping with customer retention

What others say about Workspace 365

Ikomm Workspace 365 partner

“With Workspace 365 we are able to offer a modern browser base workplace solution. The role based specific access rights are very important for gaining control back. One of the biggest advantages, is the seamless user experience.”

Preben Abel, Strategic Partner Manager

Claranet Workspace 365 partner

“When you look at competitors like Citrix and Microsoft themselves, they all provide excellent solutions, but what sets Workspace 365 apart is the value for money of their excellent solution.”

Claranet Benelux
Henk Liebeek, Product Manager

What does Workspace 365 offer your customer?

Improved Collaboration

User-friendly environment for teams to collaborate on projects, share documentation and communicate, boosting team efficiency and productivity.

Increased Productivity

A centralised, unified platform that integrates multiple tools and applications into a single interface. The platform streamlines work processes, saving time for employees and reducing complexity allowing them to focus on their work.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With its cloud-based infrastructure, Workspace 365 provides users with secure access to their digital workplace from any device, enabling them to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Reduced IT Costs

Efficient licensing. Replace or reduce Remote Desktop cost. Reduced helpdesk ticket numbers and reduced complexity, freeing up support resources.


Easily adapts to the growing needs of a business, providing a flexible solution that can scale to meet
growing demands.

Reduce IT Complexity

Single Sign On significantly reduces IT systems complexity and user password fatigue.

Enhanced Security

Robust security features ensure that sensitive information is kept confidential, protecting both the business and its clients’ data. Enjoy role-based displays and conditional access.

Benefits of a white label partnership

Combine the old- (file servers & hosted desktops) with the new IT world (cloud & web applications)

Upsell on Office 365 or Exchange & SharePoint

All your services in one white label portal

Simplify workspace management

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