cloud and hosting summit


We’ll be visiting Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit to show how Exchange providers are able to upsell their install base with Workspace 365, as it turned out that most Exchange customers didn’t knew their provider offered other services.

In Workspace 365 you can offer all your services directly to the users dashboard within a complete browser-based workspace. This way users will see and order your services in Workspace 365. Find out how you can raise Exchange sales from 1 to 6 products per user:

To check what we can do for each other it would be good if you look up a couple of stats to discuss:

  • How many Exchange customers (users) do you have?
  • How many products do you offer?
  • How many products does an average Exchange customer buy?

Let’s meet up at Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit in Bellevue to discus mutual opportunities.

Kind Regards,
Hans de Graaf
CEO & Co-Founder

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