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How do you find out which cloud storage suits your organisation? Is cloud storage secure? Maybe you’re not ready to switch to the cloud at all? We understand that it’s difficult to switch to cloud storage and that there’s a lot involved. We tell you what cloud storage is, what the benefits are and why working in the cloud is safe.

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What is cloud storage?

What is cloud storage? In order to know what the benefits of cloud storage are, it is important to know what cloud storage is. Cloud storage is a service where you can store data, such as documents and information, in the cloud instead of a physical drive. The cloud is usually maintained by another party. With cloud storage, you can distinguish between:

  1. Personal cloud storage. Here you can store all your private documents. Think of photos, emails, videos, personal documents such as your resume, and so on. 1. Personal cloud storage. Here you can store all your private documents. Think of photos, emails, videos, personal documents such as your resume, and so on.
  2. Cloud storage for business. Cloud storage for business purposes is just like personal storage a cloud in which you can store documents and files. In the cloud storage for business you have backup options to keep your organisation’s data secure and possibilities to share documents between different locations.

There are three different cloud storage systems:

  • Public cloud: In the public cloud, the server and storage space are shared with other organisations. Naturally, other companies cannot see the data of your organisation, but several organisations can work on the same infrastructure. Access to a public cloud is via a web browser. The advantages of a public cloud are that you have little cost and no maintenance, you can scale up unlimitedly, have little trouble with malfunctions and minimal downtime.
  • Private cloud: With a private cloud, you work on an ICT infrastructure that is used for one organisation, so you don’t share it with multiple organisations as you do with the public cloud. As an organisation, you then have control over the security, quality and data. You can choose an infrastructure at your organisation or at a supplier.  The advantages of a private cloud are that you can set up the cloud storage according to the wishes and needs of your organisation and you are responsible for the security of the cloud storage yourself. Scalability is also high with a private cloud, because you can easily expand and scale down as needed.
  • Hybrid cloud: A hybrid cloud is a combination of internal and external clouds used together. An organisation can therefore choose to combine private and public clouds. The biggest advantage of the hybrid cloud is its ease of use, because you have all the advantages of a private and public cloud, and can therefore choose what works best for your organisation. The files that require little security can be stored in the public cloud and the business-sensitive information can be stored in the private cloud.

Advantages of online data storage

  • You can access your documents and information anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the train or on the beach on a holiday, you can always access your documents and information via your phone, laptop or tablet.
  • You can easily scale up and downsize your cloud as needed. As your organisation grows or gets smaller, it’s easy to customise your cloud storage.
  • You can secure online cloud storage. This makes it a safe way of storing data and there is no need to store your data exclusively on-premises. Since you don’t have a physical drive, your data is also safe in the event of a fire or burglary at the office of your organisation.
  • If you use online data storage, the cloud storage provider ensures that there are continuous updates. You don’t have any maintenance and backups are made.

Is cloud storage safer than local storage?

How secure is cloud storage? It is very important for both your private storage and corporate data storage that this data is secure. We tell you how secure cloud storage is compared to local storage.

Cloud storage is safe. The cloud storage providers have high-quality security software, making cloud storage secure. This security software provides virus scanners and security patches are regularly installed to prevent security breaches.

Provide a secure password and if possible, use Multi-Factor Authentication. And do not give everyone access to all files. You can manage access to files and indicate who has or doesn’t have permission to access certain data.

Make sure you figure out which cloud storage services are the safest. The best known cloud storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive. With these cloud storage services it is wise to choose a subscription that performs automatic backups. If there is a virus infection or if files are accidentally deleted, everything can still be found on the backup. Cloud storage can easily be hacked if an easy password is used, or if just anyone is granted access.

Cloud storage in Workspace 365

Workspace 365 uses a Document Management System (DMS). This ensures that your document flow is efficient and orderly. This way, you do not have to use a separate document system such as file server, but you can display documents in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive and other storage locations in your workspace.

The great advantage of Workspace 365’s DMS is that you can access all your files, documents and information on any device. So you can always work and share your files from your laptop, phone or tablet. The DMS has an underlying storage (for example the file server or Office 365, or a combination of multiple systems) that is very easy to use, because it is very similar to what most people are used to. DMS is not only cloud storage, but you can also integrate your old systems and still benefit from our solution. That’s the advantage of Workspace 365’s DMS! Are you curious about the possibilities for cloud storage within Workspace 365? Then request a demo!

Role-based access to apps

Make web- and Windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

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All of your applications in one clear overview and accessible after one login.

Information in one glance

Create an intranet with insights in e-mail, calendar, documents, news, statistics, applications and more.

Hybrid workspace

Combine cloud, online and on-premises services in one online workspace.

Simplify Office 365

Open and edit documents through a simplified interface on SharePoint & OneDrive.


Integrate the fileserver

Bring fileserver and Office 365 documents together in one document app.


Safer access

Secure web- and Windows apps, intranet and the fileserver with multifactor authentication.

Existing systems

Link to current user-management systems. This way you implement the workspace in one day.

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