Copaco added Workspace 365 to their 2tCloud portfolio. This expansion allows resellers in the Benelux to easily order Workspace 365 as add on to their existing or new Office 365 users.

Workspace 365 is a complete online workspace on top of Office 365. It creates a completely browser-based desktop experience working on any device. Next to the simplification of Office 365 it is possible to start any web or local application in Workspace 365. For companies who haven’t got any business software or who want to improve certain processes it is also possible to configurate new business apps. These business apps bring ICT service providers the opportunity to create many upsells with their existing customers.

Workspace 365 offers resellers the opportunity to generate more value on Office 365 and by doing so, creating a much more interesting business model. Using Workspace 365 resellers can offer Office 365 in their own cloud proposition with their own branding. This makes it possible for each reseller to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

“Copaco is active in bringing cloud solutions to the market for four years. Not only using 2tCloud but also with Office 365. We see the added value of Copaco in its proven competence to help resellers with their route to the cloud and the 2tCloud system making it easy to find, manage and invoice cloud services.” Erik Nicolai, CEO at New Day at Work.

Harold Bax, Director Business Development Copaco: “With the 2tCloud platform we bring supply and demond for cloud services together and help partners to bring cloud services to the market successfully. Workspace 365 is an innovative solution and an interesting alternative for virtual desktops. With the growth of Office 365 there is a huge opportunity for resellers to make extra upsells and strengthen their bond with their customers using Workspace 365. We see adding Workspace 365 as a valuable extension to our cloud service offerings.”

About Workspace 365
Workspace 365 is a complete online workspace on top of Office 365. The workspace is developed by New Day at Work and is being offered solely via partners. Copaco resellers can order Workspace 365 at