Evita is medium-sized home care organisation in The Hague. People can go there for all kinds of customer-oriented home care. About 200 caregivers work at Evita. “We have been delivering tailor-made solutions for 15 years and work as customer-oriented as possible,” says Pascal Noordover, Director of Staff Services. Pascal is responsible for the finances and ICT within the organisation and does whatever is necessary to support the primary process of care delivery. 

A new ICT partner: AENC 

Over the years, Evita has been able to automate more and more processes, including roster planning and customer files. Initially, nothing was web-based and they used a server on location. “However, this was quite vulnerable in terms of backup and maintenance. We also needed more and more server space, because of our growing organisation.” In 2016, the collaboration with the former ICT company ended. Therefore, they started looking for a new ICT partner. 

“The new ICT partner had to meet certain requirements. We thought it was especially important that we would be taken care of in the field of ICT. We were too small to hire an IT professional. We looked for stability and continuity, at an acceptable price.” At this stage, our telephony partner pointed in the direction of AENC. “That was because of the good experiences they had with AENC.”  

Evita contacted AENC and soon an introduction with one of the account managers followed. At the end of 2016, AENC carried out the first project and transferred the entire system and online workspaces to a server maintained by AENC. 

Customer Story Evita custom workspace

Cloudbased solution: Workspace 365 

Over time, we noticed that we were ready for a cloud-based solution, rather than a location server.” Since the own server cost quite a bit of money, this would be a financially efficient solution. It would also improve performance for the employees. “We discussed this with AENC and they recommended the Workspace 365 solution.” Before they agreed on this project, the price, the offered solution and the completeness of the offer were compared to two other companies. AENC came out best. “AENC already knew us and this was proven by certain specifications in the tender. That was a plus. And the price difference between them and the other companies was very small.” 

During this second project, collaboratioand communication with AENC went very smooth again. “We had a very expert sparring partner in Marco Vermoen. He dived into our company and looked at what was the best solution for us.” For example, at the beginning of 2020, a Workspace 365 portal was set up for the 20 employees in the office at Evita. The workspace is tailor-made for the organisation. 

“The new environment is very user-friendly. It speaks for itself. As a result, the transition from the old to the new system went very smoothly.” 

Pascal Noordover, Director of Staff Services, Evita 

User-friendly digital workspace 

The new environment is very user-friendly. It speaks for itself. As a result, the transition from the old to the new system went very smoothly.’’ Soon, the project should be expanded, to make it possible for the entire team of caregivers to log into their workspace. All caregivers are then able to work in the same way. They no longer have to log in to different applications, but log in based on the Single Sign-On principle. And we can also use the portal for communication or news stories and so on.” 

Microsoft Teams was also installed in March 2020. “This was a real rush job for AENC, as we needed a medium to meet and communicate easily with all caregivers during the corona crisis.” All employees within the company now use this tool. “In the future, we would like to expand thisperhaps also to our clients. 

Collaboration with AENC 

How would Evita describe the collaboration with AENC? It is very nice to have an ICT partner that is always available and follows up on questions quickly. After all, a good ICT partner and a good, stable ICT environment are invaluable”. Pascal also describes the good support by AENC. Questions are quickly followed up. “Even if it sometimes takes a little more time, AENC keeps looking for the right solution. That makes you feel good.” 

Would Evita recommend AENC to other (healthcare) organisations? Pascal answers that with a resounding ‘yes’. “I think it is particularly their service orientation. There has been a lot of good and personal contact throughout the entire process. And in the service afterwards, they are also very punctual. This makes them a reliable ICT partner. They are of great value to us!” 

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