Digital workspace for Government – UK edition

Online session with Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) and William Rees (SDR leader) from Workspace 365.

May 2022

Are you done dealing with legacy systems? With a digital workspace for Government, you can offer employees one central hub for all their information, applications, documents, intranet, and processes. In this online session with Matthew Plummer (Opportunity Maker in the UK) and William Rees (SDR leader), you discover the market trends.

In this session we’ll talk about:


Which trends we see for a digital workspace for Government


How you can deal with legacy systems


How Allerdale rolled out a digital workspace

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    Matthew Plummer

    About Matthew Plummer

    Matthew has over 10 years of experience in IT, ranging from data centre systems right through to SaaS applications. He joined Workspace 365 recently due to seeing the complexity that has arisen in organisations whilst transforming from the traditional local application way of working to the new world Cloud / SaaS first approach. Conquering complexity to provide a happy work-life to all who use IT is Matthew’s goal.