What happens after you convince a customer to use your cloud platform? You roll it out to the final decision makers: the End Users. This is very important as these End Users are more important than the person who signed a contract with you. It is key to set up the workspaces so that users will absolutely love it, without facing any difficulty in the first week.

“End Users are more important than the person who sign a contract with you.”

What happens if you don’t? End Users will start complaining about their new cloud platform, making them less efficient which might lead decision makers to change their thoughts about the usage of your platform; before sending you any feedback. Here are two important items to take care of:

1. Shadowing users

Provisioning is the process of providing the applications to the End User. What is important to IT service providers is to discover the exact needs of employees and to figure out if there are users who use Shadow IT (services not provided by the company but selected by the End Users). Here is one way to find out:
For example – Joe is the IT manager at a large Health institute. Today he needs to provide 45 new employees in different locations with access to all the necessary applications, data and permissions they will be using on a daily basis. Together with the IT service provider they map which tools are now used by the different kind of groups. Furthermore, Joe follows multiple users to discover how they use their current software, where they save their files, what permission different users need, etc.. This way Joe will learn which groups he can create before assigning them to new users. When doing this right, End Users see the tools they use on their starting screen the first time they log in, no matter what device they use.

2. No news might be bad news

Some IT service providers tend to think that “no new, is good news”. But have you watched the news on TV? Most news is bad news. Conclusion, you should not wait for news. If you get news from your customers, you’re too late. Thus, an important step of rolling out to End Users is to prepare them, send them information in advance, include screen shots and don’t let them be surprised. They should be aware how they can and should use their new cloud platform; whether on their smartphone, tablet or any other device.


“Setting up workspaces for End Users is more important than convincing any decision making unit.”


These two items certainly don’t cover the complete launch to end users. There are many articles to be found on the web that will guide you and we have a support portal to help you. And even after reading more, don’t assume there will be no mistakes. There will be, as every customer and each End User is different. So, as you scale up your cloud platform, document and learn from your mistakes while constantly improving your cloud platform management strategy.

We love bad news! Well, not really, but we do love to hear from our partners about anything missing in our cloud platform, Workspace 365. Please mail to me directly, so we can help your customer together and to make those crucial End Users the most happy & loyal customers!

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