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Including a data sheets on employee experience and ready to use surveys

As you are reading this, you are probably interested in the Employee Happiness index of your organisation. That is great! With this toolkit we allow you to discover points of improvement and points that make you unique as an employer.

This toolkit is developed for CIOs, IT-, HR-, and Communication leaders at organisations that have a hybrid or mobile workforce.

Did you know that the employee resignation rate has already increased with 1% in the USA since 2021? Be aware, it is still increasing and this trend also seems to impact Europe as there is a huge labour shortage and companies have lost touch with people working from home.

To support your organisation and make sure that you can prevent a great resignation in your company we created the Employee Happiness Toolkit. This toolkit will help you to learn what you have to know:


How happy are your colleagues?


Are there frustrations in their work?


How does your organisation compare to others?

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