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Since 2010 Workspace 365 simplifies and combines all your applications, information, intranet and document storage in one digital workspace for every organisation.


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Everything you need based on your role, device & location

in one adaptive workspace

Simplifying access to information and applications based on your role, location and on any device, thát is Workspace 365. Make e-mail, documents, news and all business processes, like activities, instantly comprehensible for groups or individuals within just a few clicks. One digital workspace as a starting point!

Complete digital workspace

Everything you need to work (together) safely and productively. From any location.

Popular features

One single login Intranet widgets
Role-based access Hybrid workspace
Simplify documents Work on any device

Workspaces adapt to groups or individuals


More and more applications are moving to the browser, so why isn’t your workspace? Bring all your web applications together with one single login and put a simple interface on top of Microsoft document solutions.

Popular features

One single login
Role-based access
Simplify SharePoint


Not ready yet for a completely cloud based workspace? Bring together your fileserver and remote desktop applications (Clientless RDP & Citrix) in one digital workspace. This way, you can gradually transition to the cloud.

Popular features

Fileserver integration
Make hosted apps browser based
Single Sign-On to Citrix and RDP


Create your own smart forms in the Business Apps and link these to other systems. Bring all information together in one online workspace, so employees have everything they need to do their work centrally available on any device.

Popular features

Work processes
Simplify applications
API for access to apps

Finally, everything combined

The fastest way to reach and simplify all your applications. Besides simplifying applications, you bring information from several applications together in one personalised workspace.

Workspace 365: Online werkplek bovenop Office 365 & RemoteDesktops

The new way of working

Work from your browser on any device, your digital workspace is available at any place and at any time.

Countries in which Workspace 365 is used

People work from Workspace 365 daily

Certified MSP-partners worldwide

Together with partners we are already helping over 100.000 people

The digital workspace is offered worldwide by our partners

Featured customers on Workspace 365

“We have completely transitioned from Citrix to an online workspace with SaaS solutions. This brings a drastic reduction in costs for licences, maintenance and management. Now everyone can work from any device, this was not possible before.”

Maik Berkelmans

IT Architect, RSZK

“We’ve offered the same Remote Desktop service since we started with our first customer back in 2002…. Then last year, we came across Workspace 365, a new concept in IT delivery – something that would flip the Remote Desktop IT solution on its head.”

Paul O’Brien

CEO, Lucidity Cloud Services

“Users want their IT to be standard, simple and sexy. It has to be easy to use. After comparing several digital workspaces, this was the reason for us to use Workspace 365 to develop our own workspace proposition.

Hans Hendrikx

Commercial Director, ITSN

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