Our mission is to conquer complexity for the ones who are vital to our society. But we don’t do this alone! Together with our partners we maximize the impact of people who make a difference by contributing to a happier work-life. But why do we work together with partners and how do we boost and support our partner network? I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

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Why do we support our partner network?

Throughout the years our partners have provided us with a lot of insights about the customer’s needs, and which technology we needed to simplify access to applications.

By gathering input from our partners, we now really understand the needs of our key verticals and what they expect of their ideal digital workspace. With these insights we can built a movement where we can conquer complexity for our customers and simplify their work.

Furthermore, as Workspace 365 is a vendor agnostic platform, our partners can also build their own solutions on top of it. By doing this they are able to differentiate themselves from other service providers who only offer out-of-the-box solutions or expensive customizations on top of Microsoft 365.

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Launching and installing Local Apps – Insign.it

Moving to the cloud is very important, but sometimes we still need to rely on local applications. That’s why we’ve developed the Local App Launcher. Our partner Insign.it developed a feature, based on our local app launcher, that allows admins to also deploy local applications with one single click.

With these great feature they can offer Workspace 365 to their customers with all their services in one place. This gives them a unique Workspace 365 proposition!

How we boost you to become a successful Workspace 365 partner?

To become a successful Workspace 365 partner, we’ll help you with the following things:

  1. First five customers: We helped over 3,000 organisations move to a modern workspace. That’s why we help you with your first five Workspace 365 prospects. That way you’ll know which deal stages are necessary for closing a deal, what the terms and conditions are for signing a customer and what pitfalls might occur during an implementation.
  2. Support in closing deals: To make closing deals easier for you, we’ve created a process document where you can easily see all the deal stages and what you can expect, based on all the best practices we’ve learned. You can easily register deals in the Partner Portal, which we’ll tell you all about later in this blog.
  3. Participate in events: To gain knowledge and stay up-to-date on the upcoming trends and customer needs we participate in a lot of events and share this knowledge. This way, we also gather the most important information to make sure that we offer the best digital workspace to our customers. We also like to do events together with our partners to find out how their customers use Workspace 365 and if they have ideas to improve it.
  4. Become a Workspace 365 Certified Advisor: To become a Workspace 365 certified Advisor, we’ve created a couple of learning tracks. This way, we can train your new and existing employees to become Workspace 365 professionals. For instance, we have a commercial learning track and a technical learning track, to help our partners with how they can get the right Workspace 365 proposition and how to configure the workspace.

When you invite us to more than two meetings with customers who have over the 250 users, you can call yourself a Workspace 365 certified Committed Advisor! So don’t wait any longer and become a Workspace 365 certified Advisor 

Partner Portal: certifications, playbooks and more

This year we’ve launched our Partner Portal which we’re really proud of. We’ve created this portal to provide you as a partner one single platform where you can find relevant content , register deals, sign up for events and create prospect pages for your customers. And of course, you can become a Workspace certified Advisor by following several learning tracks. We’ll discuss all the aspects of the Partner Portal:

  • Training & Pre-sales: We have several learning tracks which your new and existing employees can follow, to become a certified Workspace 365 expert, such as a technical and a commercial onboarding. After each training course you can take a quiz to receive a badge and share this on LinkedIn. We’re working on more learning tracks to make sure our partners have all the knowledge about Workspace 365 and have support by offering Workspace 365 and the adoption of the digital workspace.
  • Content & Resources: All the content that is relevant for our partners is collected in Content & Resources. This way, you have access to different types of content, and you can easily share videos, articles, whitepapers and more! It’s even possible to co-brand our whitepapers and share these with your customers or colleagues.
  • Playbooks: Within the playbooks we’ve collected content and selected topics which are relevant to you. This way, you have for example all the related content for healthcare organisations in one playbook. This enables you to no longer search through all the content, but we’ve combined it for you in one place. You can easily create your own playbooks and share them with your colleagues or customers.
  • Calendar: Within the calendar in the Partner Portal, you can easily find upcoming events and sign up for the events that you don’t want to miss, and share this with your colleagues or customers.
  • Prospect Pages: With our Prospect Pages, you can create a personalised landing page where you can collect relevant content from Workspace 365 and share it with customers and/or colleagues. This way, you offer your customers one page with all the information they need.
  • Deal registration: Within the Partner Portal, you can easily register deals. All your deals are brought together in one place, giving you an overview of the number of deals, the average deal size and the total value of your deals.

Why offer Workspace 365 to your customers?

With Workspace 365 you create a modern workspace for your customers, where they can integrate all their current (hosted and local) technologies and combine this with new cloud technologies in one platform.

Workspace 365 will show relevant information based on a person’s role, location and device. This way, you reduce software frustrations among the employees of your customers by simplifying Microsoft 365 and other software solutions.

Customers also have endless integration possibilities with APIs and every release we deliver new features or Micro Apps that will simplify work-life for your customers.

Become a Workspace 365 partner!

When you become a Workspace 365 partner, we constantly ask ourselves the question: How can we help our partners to be successful? As a Workspace 365 partner we will help you by reviewing your landing pages, campaigns and product demo’s. Our partnership is all about collaborating together to help our customers conquer complexity.

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Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

Content creator

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