One of my favourite functions of digital workplaces or intranets is the option to integrate RSS feeds. Using RSS feeds in a smart way gives you a major advantage, as you are always up-to-date on your market. That is why I follow feeds on ICT, Office 365, Marketing and more. But what if you add all of them as live tiles to your workspace? That gives a mess, right? Learn how to solve this in less than a minute.

Combine all your RSS feeds into one

This is an easy trick which can be performed by basically anyone. You simply need the right tool. In this article I want to discuss a free tool named RSS Mix. This tool allows you to put all your favourite RSS feeds in the tool, and it combines them into one nice RSS feed. Additionally, it also gives you an option to add a random RSS feed.

Step 1: Visit RSS Mix (click here)


Step 2: Add your favourite RSS feeds

I can imagine that you would love to add these two pearls: and

Step 3: Click on the ‘Create!’ button and then copy the newly created RSS Mix

Step 4: Add a new RSS tile to your Workspace 365 environment

RSS Feed toevoegen Workspace 365

Step 5: Select your icon, choose your tile color, set the tile size, choose a name for the tile and Tab

Then simply paste your RSS feed URL (e.g. in the RSS feed URL field. Leave the feed type on Public. Set a Site URL; this will be shown in the footer of the tile. And finally click ‘Add to workspace’.

Step 6: That’s it!

You have now successfully added a mixed RSS feed to your workspace. If your RSS feed is interesting for your colleagues, add it to a Shared Group or ask your admin to add it. It depends on the RSS feed itself if image thumbnails are included.

More tricks with RSS

Are you enthusiastic about RSS? If not, I have written an article on 12 different uses for RSS feeds. In that article I show how you can use RSS to integrate videos, podcasts, tenders and much more to your digital workplace or intranet solution. Do you have a cool RSS trick? Please share it with me!

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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