Many people wonder how they can pin custom tiles to the Office 365 app launcher. On the Office 365 user voice channel there are numerous posts and votes from admins wanting to pin custom tiles to individual or groups of users. In this post I’d like to demonstrate how you can set up a workspace on top of Office 365 allowing you to make apps and information visible on the  workspace of your users based their roles. 

Step 1: Select the group of applications which you’d like to pin

In Workspace 365 you can create a group of apps or live information and easily select which individual users or groups will see the applications.

Pin custom tile to app launcher Workspace 365 using Office 365

Step 2: Select the individual users or groups & click “Done and make visible”

Select the users or group(s) which should see the tile group. This allows you to pin the custom tiles on their app launcher / dashboard. 

Select users for pinned custom tiles

Step 3: Enjoy your digital workspace

After clicking ‘Done and make visible’ you are ready. Each user will now see the custom tiles pinned on their app launcher in Workspace 365. This allows you to create apps like Office, Web apps, Hosted applications, live information and many more.

As Workspace 365 integrates Office 365, this allows you to use Azure to get single sign-on to all your web applications. Next to this, you can use our Clientless RDP to set up single sign-on to Windows applications as well.

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Furthermore: Fileserver, OneDrive and SharePoint available in one DMS

Many companies are postponing their migration to Office 365. Whilst they do see benefits in functionalities like always being able to access information or sharing files via links, they are not ready yet. Why not? The most common reason we hear from partners and customers is that file servers are not configured to easily migrate them to SharePoint. In addition, some companies developed connections between the file server and a software application. To provide companies the power of the cloud without the need to migrate file servers to Office 365, we developed a file server integration. Find out more about the file server integration on this page.

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Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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