How to upsell your Hosted Exchange customers?

Many hosters have a Hosted Exchange install base but can’t manage to create an upsell. This causes Exchange customers to walk away in search for new solutions to use in their company. At the same time Microsoft, Google and Amazon are fighting a storage war. By giving more for less they force hosters to offer better alternatives.

How do hosters try to solve this?

“What hosters don’t realize is that they are forcing customers to choose between many separate products. A lot of hosters have chosen to host new products themselves,like file sharing. But your customers don’t only want to store, they also have to create and manage documents, sheets and more from wherever they are, on any device and for a reasonable price.”

How will New Day at Work change this?

“We all know that hosters can’t compete with the prices that the big three are pushing. So they need a different offering than the status quo. They need something that adds value. Workspace 365 will help them to do so. Workspace 365 integrates with the existing infrastructure and makes it possible to quickly integrate new services. Furthermore, we help hosting providers to use the storage war.”

How can you use the storage war?

“A logical step after email is document management. At this moment your customers buy separate products for this and not only your products. You can change this by linking your Hosted Exchange to OneDrive for Business and
letting them come together within Workspace 365. This way you give your customers a complete online workspace. You offer the technique of OneDrive for Business, which has a suggested retail price of € 2.50, in your own interface. This will give your customers a massive 1TB storage including Office Online apps that allow them to send, create and manage documents from within their browser for the price that you offer to them.”

Is Workspace 365 expandable?

“It is, hosters can add all their services to the workspace. Next to creating an upsell to document management this allows you to add services like backup, website hosting or Workspace 365 business apps like time registration in the workspace. Workspace 365 users can easily buy these services immediately from within their workspace saving them time. To keep things easy for hosters we use APS to make provisioning as simple as possible but we also allow you to integrate another provisioning system. All these expanding possibilities in Workspace 365 will raise your revenue without putting in extra effort.”

Can you also integrate SharePoint?

“Yes, if you rather host the data yourself it is possible to use Hosted SharePoint. Workspace 365 will remain the same for users, it’s just the underlying technology which changes. However, we advise you to give this choice to your customers as this will be of great influence on the price they’ll pay.”


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