Today, we’re diving into the usage of Micro Apps in the workspace for healthcare employees with Tjibbe Vissers, Partner Account Executive of Workspace 365. Discover how you can optimise your workspace by making it as efficient as possible and save up to an hour per employee, per day!

Hi Tjibbe, can you briefly explain what Micro Apps are and how they are used?

That may sound abstract, but it comes down to making the most frequently used functionalities from other programs available in the workspace.

For example, submitting a claim. If you had to do that without the Micro Apps, in any claims program, you would have to open a website first, via a link in an email or your intranet. Then you have to log in to the program to get to the main menu of the program. There you have to look for the option to submit a declaration. Only then can you enter the data and upload the receipts.

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Sounds simple, but it does take some extra time. So, how cool would it be if there is a button in your workspace that you press and then you’re done with the declaration? You just fill in your name and amount and then upload the receipt. This is then sent to the person who approves it. This person will also see this declaration submission in his/her workspace as ‘pending approval’. That is a Micro App in a nutshell.

By not having to search for an application, log in again or click through a menu, people save about 5 minutes per action.

That actually sounds too good to be true! Can you tell us more about the benefits of these Micro Apps in the workspace?

When we make Micro Apps available in Workspace 365, we’re implementing one of our core values of saving time and removing frustration.

We simplify processes that normally take a long time and do not necessarily have anything to do with IT, but where IT is involved.

We make sure that users can perform these actions as quickly as possible, making their lives a lot easier. That way, it’s all a lot less difficult and you save more time! And the more Micro Apps you use in the workspace, the easier it is for people to perform actions.

And if we look at healthcare workers. How do you think they can make the best use of their workspace?

Good question! It’s a case we often see. Let’s take an ambulatory care worker as an example. This is a care employee who is often on the road. This care worker has a high administrative burden, even though they do not spend all day behind the computer and do not necessarily have a high level of ICT maturity.

We know that healthcare workers need to see reports on clients, client files and planning. This way, you can bring the most used elements from healthcare applications into the workspace. Imagine being able to view your schedule, client files and client reports at the same time as announcements, company news and email. Maybe you’d like to see your calendar too and put in ONS Nedap, so you can instantly see everything you need to do your job. That’s how we make a difference for healthcare workers.

How will Micro Apps be implemented in the future?

If you ask me, Micro Apps will be the future. My personal opinion is that the Micro Apps are the ones that will make us viable, at least for the future of Workspace 365. For now, we’re good at making integrations ourselves with applications used in healthcare. In the future, we’d like to see our partners or organisations simplify processes by deploying Micro Apps.

That could mean, that you have a process that you know you can improve. This can be done through, for example, an integration that is made in Workspace 365, without us even thinking about it. This allows you to simplify your own processes. That’s how I think Micro Apps are going to be used in the future.

Great! Thank you for the explanation. Where can people find more information about using Micro Apps in healthcare?

Luckily, we have a lot of information about this! Below I am sharing a list of interesting information:


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