We are proud to announce our new and 100th partner Valid, a broadly oriented IT service provider with more than twenty years of experience in IT. They have grown to a team of 300 professionals, spread over three locations in the Netherlands. They work in an innovative and personal way with organisations to improve and optimise IT. In addition, they offer various solutions such as the hybrid cloud,  BI & Analytics, a modern workplace and innovative applications.

At Valid, the ambitions of the customer are central. In addition, they constantly keep up with changes and innovations and they continue to improve. Their mission “Stay ahead” is therefore pursued by continuing to innovate and remain curious about the technology and solutions of the future.

“Our first customer, a cleaning service with 26,000 employees, will soon go live with the Valid fleXpace workspace concept, based on Workspace 365. Valid has chosen to jointly set up Workspace 365 so that all mobile employees have a central location for all their documents, information and applications. This gives them the most modern workspace in their sector,” says Rob Mertz, Sales Manager at IT service provider Valid.

“I am very happy with our 100th partner, Valid. They like to stay ahead of the curve and help their customers to do the same. In addition, their focus (Industry, financial and business) is on different sectors than other partners in the region. Together with Valid we celebrate the joint launch. With the partner program, we ensure that all partners receive personal attention when they need it. We think that, thanks to our new partner program, Valid will rise in partner level soon!”, says Gijs van Hees, Partner Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Renate Geurtjens

Renate Geurtjens


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