With great enthusiasm we announce our new partner, Bossers & Cnossen. Bossers & Cnossen is located in Groningen and is a certified and authorised supplier in the field of IT tools and functionalities.

As an IT organisation they understand and manage the whole playing field from extensive cloud-based workspaces to narrowcasting and all that comes with it. IT has become an integral part of daily life for everyone. The right solutions make life easier and help employees work more effectively and efficiently.

With a dynamic team of young and experienced employees, Bossers & Cnossen adds value in different ways, in ease of use and in achieving business goals. With the latest trends and innovations, they help organisations to strengthen their competitive position. They are always up to speed on the constantly changing IT landscape. This allows them to offer state-of-the-art solutions to help their customers to grow!

“Together with Bossers & Cnossen we make sure that we simplify people’s work lives by providing the ultimate workspace, so that employees can work more effectively and efficiently” – said Tjibbe Vissers, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

Bossers & Cnossen

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Nadia Hop

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