We are proud to announce our new partner from New Zealand: Cloud Torque, a group of ICT professionals that specialises in enhancing online services. They consult, deliver and support in the technological field.

Transparency is key at Cloud Torque. They value open, authentic relationships with their customers. ‘’It’s very important to have a loyal relationship with your customers and we will always do whatever it takes to create them. That’s why we happily put our hands up if we got something wrong’’, says Demetri Baroutsos, Director of Cloud Torque New Zealand.

 ‘’One of the biggest strengths of Cloud Torque is their people. They have leading technical specialists in every area of ICT as a part of their team. We are proud to have Cloud Torque as a new partner’’, says Gijs van Hees, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Renate Geurtjens

Renate Geurtjens


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