We are proud to introduce our new partner Insign.it. In nineteen years, they have grown into Insign.it group and they design, deliver, implement and manage high-available IT infrastructures. Insign.it has smart concepts in the areas of Workspace, Security, Cloud, Data Centre and Managed Services.

From the start in 2000, Insign.it has been driven by their passion for technology. They involve people and organisations in the optimal use of the possibilities within the constantly growing digital developments. “We respect that everyone is going through the digital transformation at their own pace. No matter what phase organisations and people are in, we handle the technology, and take people by the hand to guide them through the transformation,” says Leon Wijnhoven, CTO and Founder of Insign.it.

“We at Workspace 365 believe it is important to support people and organisations and help them with the digital transformation. That’s why we are very happy that Insign.it is joined us as a partner, they understand how important it is to keep up with digital developments. We look forward to this collaboration,” says Gijs van Hees, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Renate Geurtjens

Renate Geurtjens


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