We are happy to introduce our new partner Intercept. Intercept is a Managed Cloud Service Provider. Intercept’s solutions help organisations to seize new opportunities and move with them in a constantly changing world.

Intercept helps to digitise and modernise a company. According to Intercept, cloud technology is the right way to go for every company. Intercept employees are well trained to help customers switch to the cloud. Intercept specialises in scalability, agility and reliability.

“Workspace 365 enables us to facilitate an innovative and modern workspace. A good example of this is ZGIJV. Because they now use Workspace 365, all employees have a single portal-based environment in which they can access all applications and information. Very easy, efficient and user-friendly,” says Jack van Ommen, account manager at Intercept.

“Intercept creates opportunities that others can’t see yet, they inspire customers and come up with solutions to grow your business. This way, they make new business opportunities possible,” says Tjibbe Vissers, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

Workspace 365 partner Intercept

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Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

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