We’re very excited to announce our new partner, Korton! Korton was founded in 1997 with one goal: to help customers be successful. Korton focuses on outsourcing ICT to help organisations achieve their goals. They are specialized in providing a Hybrid Cloud platform essential to organisations.

Korton’s hybrid cloud environment is used on a daily basis, particularly by the healthcare and mobility sectors. From online workspaces, to the complete outsourcing of ICT environments. They make ICT simple and accessible, from a clear cloud delivery model tailored to your needs.

With a team full of passionate and experienced employees, they work together to continue to amaze organisations with the core values: progressive, courageous and clear. They evolve themselves using new technologies and ideas to always stay ahead in the challenging and rapidly changing market.

“With the Workspace 365 workspace solution, we are taking the next step in the development of our digital workspace towards our mobility customers. With this, our customers make a big step in their digitalisation process, said Derk-Jan Hilberding, Manager Sales & Marketing at Korton Group.

“We are very happy with Korton as a partner. Korton’s clear and committed approach fits well with the approach of Workspace 365. With this experienced partner, we can provide organisations with the ideal digital workspace,” said Tony Bennink, Partner Success Manager at Workspace 365.


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