We would like to introduce our new partner NEH Group B.V. NEH was founded in 1997 by five people and now has more than a hundred employees. With NEH’s experience and natural drive to discover and initiate innovation, they distinguish themselves in the market.

NEH focuses on supporting the employees of its customers. Being customer-oriented is the strength of the employees. They get behavioural training and professional training. NEH has a people-oriented culture and the mission is: “We take great pleasure in unburdening others”. Unburdening others is always based on the core values commitment, reliability and nerve.

NEH also focuses on three pillars: NEH Shared Services relieves housing associations, NEH Care unburdens care institutions and NEH ICT Solutions focuses on unburdening service providers, production-, transport- and insurance companies.

“NEH has a clear goal: unburdening customers and colleagues. This goal is in line with what we want to achieve at Workspace 365. We are proud that we can call NEH Group a partner,” says Tjibbe Vissers, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

Workspace 365 partner NEH Group

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Kelly van der Horst

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