Prodware is an international player with a local presence in the Dutch market. We are therefore very excited to introduce Prodware as a new partner. A partner that is passionately committed to each customer!

Prodware helps customers from start to finish in the digital transformation process. From tailored advice, development and implementation of specific business solutions to complete support through Managed Services. As a Microsoft partner, they bring technology, information and strategic insights together.

They support organisations that use digital technologies to strengthen the bond with their customers. Solutions that speed up processes, inspire employees, save costs and innovate products. Prodware understands the challenges of organisations and helps companies prepare for the digital future with innovative solutions.

“Thanks to Workspace 365, we are delivering an employee-focused digital workspace. One digital workspace as a starting point that matches their role and situation for a personalised experience. This way, we ensure that they can easily focus on their primary tasks,” says Erik Klein, Manager Customer Care at Prodware.

“Prodware thinks about innovative technologies to accelerate and facilitate digital transformation. Together we ensure that organisations can benefit even faster from digital workspaces,” said Tjibbe Vissers, Success creator at Workspace 365.

Prodware partner introduction

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