With great enthusiasm we announce our new partner TiGiT. TiGiT is based in Arnhem and for over 20 years a versatile, proactive and service-oriented partner in ICT.

TiGiT guarantees future-proof digital workspace solutions. They take responsibility for the entire ICT chain, from infrastructure to application. This way customers are always able to work together securely, everywhere and efficiently.

As an ICT organisation TiGiT helps to make wishes come true in the field of ICT and to support its customers. For TiGiT the focus is on the end-user and that organisational goals can be achieved. This also means that flexible and scalable ICT, based on a transparent collaboration, is a must. A professional and pro-active TiGiT team is ready to provide customers 24/7 with a good night’s sleep. At TiGiT not only the workspace, but also the entire ICT infrastructure, is in the right trusted hands.

“Together with TiGiT, we make sure that we’re looking for the best solutions, fitting the organisation. As TiGiT works closely with the customers, we can work together to ensure that we create the ideal digital workspace,” said Tjibbe Vissers, Success Maker at Workspace 365.


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