We notice many small businesses don’t use IT providers to set up their IT services instead they use their network of friends and family. The CloudStore now enables these companies to easily access Workspace 365, our complete browser based workspace which completes and simplifies Office 365. Dutch telecom provider KPN launched their CloudStore last week making it possible for companies to order cloud services next to their internet and telephony.

KPN is the first Telco in the world to resell Workspace 365 directly to SMB’s. Big companies have enough IT funds to gain a competitive advantage compared to SMB’s. Therefore we want to help KPN in getting SMB’s an easy to use workspace to be as productive as bigger companies. This means workers get a complete online workspace which is available anytime, anywhere and on any device with a browser.

Workspace 365 & Office 365

In the CloudStore small businesses can order Workspace 365 which is powered by Office 365. The online workspace simplifies the possibilities of Office 365 for creating and managing documents or email. Next to this it allows users to create one central starting point by adding apps and linking them with single sign on. Users only have to log in once to access all their apps. The workspace is developed from the perspective of end-users so that Workspace 365 brings structure and increases productivity of employees.


Because SMB’s are looking for solutions which have predictable and low costs KPN offers three options when ordering Workspace 365. The options are Workspace 365 in combination with Office 365 light, standard or premium. This allows SMB’s to only order the workspaces they need.

In the light version employees use Workspace 365 with Office web apps. By ordering Office standard employees can install Office on five devices next to using web apps within Workspace 365. Workspace 365 with Office Premium gives users additional Office services.


The cooperation between KPN and New Day at Work is not entirely new. We set up a cloud strategy together in January to release Workspace 365 in the Netherlands. KPN already offers the online workspace through their indirect channel RoutIT. RoutIT has over 1.200 IT resellers and cloud providers. They receive training and documentation for the technique, sales and marketing to bring Workspace 365 to the market. Recently KPN launched the Open CloudStore. Using the Open CloudStore all cloud server providers have the opportunity to sell Workspace 365 as a bundle with Office 365. Next to this KPN now uses their recently launched CloudStore to sell Workspace 365 directly to small businesses who don’t use IT providers but their network to set up their IT services.

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