Today is an important moment: we proudly present Workspace 3.0 and our new corporate identity. Since 2010 we have been boosting people by simplifying work with an adaptive workspace. In the past year, our partner network has grown to nearly 100 global partners and the development of the digital workplace was accelerated. With the help of partners, we discovered people’s need to focus on their work through a workspace where they have all their applications, communication and information available at one glance. To meet these wishes, we are launching Workspace 3.0 today.

Simplify work with Workspace 365

With the Simplify package, we simplify the most used document solutions, access and management of applications and we increase the use of modern communication tools.

Office 365 and documents simplification

People often experience the use of Office 365 and SharePoint as difficult. The switch to OneDrive and SharePoint is a major transition for people who have been using the file explorer for twenty years. Besides that, people experience the online versions as confusing, because of the differences in visual representation. In our Documents App, we have brought both into one overview, so that it’s is clear and people can benefit from the modern functions such as working together in the same document or sharing documents as a shortcut.

Many companies are still committed to their file server. They can integrate this into the Documents App. This way, they can use the local and online Office editors and have secure access to their documents from everywhere. To simplify the use, we have merged the file server, OneDrive and SharePoint in the Workspace 365 Documents App, which makes it easy to copy or move files between solutions.

With the Email App (linked to Office 365 / Exchange) you integrate your emails in the digital workspace, send emails easily and mark emails with a flag quickly. Consequently, your emails are available from any device, without having to install an app first.

Collaboration and communication

It is important that you focus on your main activities, but for successful collaboration, communication with colleagues is important as well. That is why we have integrated many social and informative tiles into the workspace, to bring the strongest elements of an intranet to your workspace.

Within Simplify, your personal and organisational contacts are available through the Contact Book. Email, call or navigate easily to the person you need.

How often do you or your colleagues look for information in different locations? To prevent such searches, we bring all information from these sources together in the digital workspace. With the Web Content Live Tile, for instance, you have infinite possibilities to adapt the workspace to your wishes. You can easily integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos, weather widgets, external news or data sources and much more.

One of the tools for improving collaboration is Yammer, a social network for companies which is aimed at large groups. It allows you to post short messages to which colleagues (or invited external parties, such as partners, customers or freelancers) can respond. The messages are also visible to people you might not have thought could help you with your question. There is also a Microsoft Teams tile for smaller groups of people who work closely together and therefore have to communicate swiftly with each other.


User and App Management

How cool is it if you have all the applications and information you need on a first working day, with one login? With the Shared Tile Groups in Workspace 365, you (as a manager) offer preset applications to certain groups of people. You create a group, such as “Marketing”, and link applications to it. If a new person joins the Marketing group, he or she will automatically see these applications, without having to install anything. All applications are immediately available with Single Sign-On in the digital workplace. By synchronising with the Azure Active Directory, the management of all users and groups remains centrally in one location and they are all available in Workspace 365.

Single Sign-On

Imagine you work at a healthcare institution where they work with twelve different applications. You have to log in again for each application. Besides that, you have to remember multiple passwords, which means there is a big chance that you will forget one or more. This is of course time consuming and not efficient. With the Simplify package, you can use Single Sign-On, which allows you to log in once and get access to all your applications and information.

Adapt: always relevant information and applications

The Adapt licence contains everything from the Simplify package and in addition, a number of functionalities have been added. The workspace now automatically adapts to people’s role, location, device, browser and more. Because of this, you do not have everything everywhere, but all the relevant applications at the right time.

Remote applications via Clientless RDP or Citrix Virtual Apps

With the help of Clientless RDP you no longer have to install a client first, log in multiple times or endlessly search for your application in different locations. In Workspace 365 you only see the applications that are relevant to you and you open Remote Applications in the browser from any device, without having to install anything first and without an additional login. This saves you a lot of extra time and frustration.

Companies that have already invested in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly Citrix XenApp) can integrate this into the workspace from the Adapt licence. Workspace 365 is officially Citrix Ready and allows you to reach all applications with one login from any device. You have the choice between opening applications in the browser or via the Citrix client.

Premium User and App Management

Of course it is convenient to have access to many different applications, but it is messy and unclear to have all the applications of your organisation available on every device. This gives you so many options to work with, that it is difficult to find the right one. With Premium User and App Management, we ensure that people receive relevant information and applications at the right time.

Conditional Access makes it possible to adapt the workspace to a person’s role, location, device and browser. Admins can set conditions for reaching an application to prevent people from opening information and applications on specific devices, browsers, operating systems, or networks. With this, you can hide applications with sensitive information outside of the office network or you can help people by offering the right application for their device.

We also want to make work easier for admins. That is why you can delegate management by setting up different owners with rights for a specific group in the organisation. This way, you can give managers, team leaders or teachers more control over specific applications and shared tile groups by making them owner. Consequently, team leaders can add applications to shared tile groups for their colleagues without waiting for the lead admin.

Improve communication with the Announcement Center

Adapt has the Announcement Center as an addition to the social and informative tiles. Here you (as an administrator) can send pop-up messages that users see when they open the workspace. This is useful for sharing short (informative) messages, such as a reminder to communicate your working hours or just to say that there’s cake, ready to eat in the canteen.

Boost your people

Are you ready to boost your business? The Boost licence naturally includes everything from Simplify and Adapt, plus possibilities to integrate even more information and actions into Workspace 365.

Extended Live Tile Integrations

With Extended Live Tile Integrations, you integrate third-party applications into your digital workspace. For example, you can show support tickets from Connectwise or TOPdesk in the workspace and prevent people from having to log in and look for it in a separate system. Apart from that, we are constantly working on new integrations to show information from other systems in the workspace. It will become possible to perform actions in the workspace that directly link to the applications. For example, you can immediately create a support ticket from the workspace without first opening an additional program.

With Boost you can also use the Business Apps. Business Apps are available for every business process, such as projects, quotations, days off and much more. By linking this to other software packages within your company, everyone can easily enter and look up information from any device. Visualise the data from the Business Apps and see for example what the current turnover is, how many vacation days you have left and the number of completed activities.

Boost people by simplifying work with an adaptive workspace

Our goal is to help people by removing IT restrictions. Do you want more information about the prices and all functionalities of the digital workspace Workspace 365? Do not hesitate to contact us or view our price page.

Do you want to give Workspace 365 a try? Then try the free demo to see what your workspace can look like.


Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

Do you want to discover more about Workspace 365? Check out other articles. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or visit our Support Portal.

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