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Looking for one hundred
unique talents

Ambitious, enthusiastic, dedicated: that’s the team of Workspace 365. We set big goals for ourselves every year, and this year, they’re bigger than ever.

And to achieve these goals, we’ve set an even bigger goal: to find 100 talents to join our team and turn our dreams into reality.

Discover our journey to find one hundred smart, like-minded individuals to join us on our mission to conquer complexity.

Why a hundred talents?

CEO and Co-Founder Erik Nicolai explains

Smart hiring for a united team

We want every new colleague to feel welcome, as well as feel able to hit the ground running. We therefore make sure that there’s enough time and attention for everyone, to quickly feel at home at Workspace 365.

Using talent to
boost talent

Besides talent, we value potential and drive. Knowledge is obtainable – the right attitude you’re born with. That’s why we hire smart people who have the knowledge, as well as those who are eager to learn.

Individual growth and opportunity

With a flat and informal organizational structure and rapid and immense growth, there’s more than enough opportunity for personal growth in the direction you’re interested in, and to shape your own role.

Who are the ones?

We may be looking for many people, but we’re not looking for just anyone – on the contrary. It’s important to us that every individual who joins our team makes it a little stronger, smarter, and of course a little more fun.

We are looking for the ones who get excited about big goals, are not afraid to shake things up, and who are always ready to try something new. The ones that tell the best weekend stories on Monday morning, the worst jokes at lunch or play the best music on Friday afternoons. We’re looking for that person that’s one in a hundred, a hundred times over.


I’m the one!

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