Before I started working with Workspace 365, my typical working day would be like this: You turn on your computer, log in and open the programs that you need today. You also open your internet browser to start some extra applications. One of the programs asks for a new password, but what was the current password again? Another tricky question appears on your screen: What is your username? Well, which username belongs to this program? After trying three different variations of your name, you finally succeed. A link will be sent to your mail to set a new password. Then you get a message that you have to update one of the programs, for which you have to restart your computer…

A good start of your working day? Okay, you can obviously take advantage of those fifteen extra minutes in the morning to enjoy the coffee your colleague brought. But you rather want your computer and the programs on it to be working properly. The way you want.
This month I started as a new colleague. When I first explored Workspace 365, a whole new world opened up to me. Finally there seems to be a solution for many useless and time-consuming tasks.

First contact with my colleagues and partners

First of all, I was warmly welcomed on Yammer by my new colleagues. I hear you thinking, Yammer? What is that? I didn’t know that either. Until a few days ago. Yammer is a social network for companies. No emailing back and forth with colleagues, but direct contact. Invited partners, customers or freelancers can also join. It’s perfect for sharing videos, presentations and articles with various teams. Or just to ask a question. You can even gauge opinions through a poll – very useful to find out what the colour of your new corporate identity should be. Or what kind of snacks should be bought for the Friday afternoon drinks.

Yammer Workspace 365

With a single login, access to everything, everywhere

That feeling that you get when you sort smarties by colour: calm and satisfied. Neurotic or just very recognisable? Anyway, working with Workspace 365 gives me the same feeling. With Single Sign-On access to all your applications. I think this is one of the biggest advantages. It saves you a lot of time. And frustration. No more tendencies to break your laptop or throw your computer out of the window. Just open your internet browser, log in to your workspace and you have direct access to everything you need and all your information at one glance. Very organised and adapted to my role, device and location. Does an application not work on a device? Then it will be automatically hidden or you will be notified why it doesn’t work. Such an adaptive workspace is very nice for slightly chaotic people like me.

Because you log in via your internet browser, you have access to all your files, information and applications. Everywhere. This way, you can work wherever and whenever you want, on any device. Despite the fact that this possibility is basically indispensable nowadays, it still isn’t common at every company.

Save time with automation and make it personal

No more messing around in an Excel file. Yes, I am talking about communicating your hours, illness or vacation days. In Workspace 365 there is a Business App in which you can submit them automatically. What a relief. Besides that, you can add all kinds of applications that are available to you from the App Store and which you find useful.
To make it really personal, you can arrange everything based on your own taste (if you have the permissions). I got caught up in my creativity and I gave each tile a different colour. Do your eyes already hurt by the idea? Well, it certainly makes me very happy.

Workspace 365

Always access to documents and collaborate online

At other companies I often worked with a shared network drive. Colleagues put different versions of documents on this and you quickly lose track of the version in which you have to work. Definitely if a “version 6a” and a “version 6a (computer Frank)” appear. Very frustrating when you have worked on the same piece at the same time. And a waste of your time.
In Workspace 365, all my personal and shared documents are available. I can work on one blog with my colleagues at the same time, without creating multiple versions. This is possible on my work laptop, but also from any other device (such as my tablet at home). Also, you no longer send attachments by email, but you can send a link to a document. That way, you know for sure that everyone works in the right version.

My first week using Workspace 365

User-friendly, efficient and time-saving. That defines Workspace 365 for me. I have only worked with it for five days, but already can’t live without. It is very nice to see how everyone pays attention to people’s personal experiences. The product team thoroughly discusses the smallest details to make it as easy as possible for everyone. I can’t wait to discover more in Workspace 365. One thing is for sure, I am convinced!

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

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