On February 24th till 26 New Day at Work will join The Dutch Masters of Cloud to attend the Parallels Summit 2014 in New Orleans. Here CEO’s Eric Nicolai and Hans de Graaf will present their online workspace to big companies like KPN among them are GoDaddy and AppRiver, to discuss how they can use Workspace 365 for their customers.

With Workspace 365 they want to help small businesses to get a simple web-based workspace, powered by Office 365 or Hosted SharePoint – Exhange, to increase the productivity of employees and to offer a consistent user experience.

Paralles Summit is a conference whose focus is to offer cloud services to SMBs. In the presence of prominent companies like HP and Dell the future of the cloud will get even more concrete in New Orleans. This is why New Day at Work wants to start conversations about Workspace 365, their cloud workplace, which they want to use to make traditional remote desktops/operating systems obsolete!

At the event you can find New Day at Work in the orange front with the Dutch Masters of Cloud at a big orange booth. The Dutch Masters of Cloud exists of KPN, Voiceworks, CloudCompanyon, Cameramanager, Keenondots, Paal15, Libersy, Speakap and New Day at Work.

New Day at Work cooperates with the Dutch Masters of Cloud to share knowledge, build relations and so they can jointly decide the future of the cloud. By working together and sharing ideas with partners they want to change the future of companies with Workspace 365.

If you’re paying a visit to Parallels Summit 2014, you can take a look and discuss the workspace of the future at booth #100. If you’re not present at the Parallels Summit 2014 you can check a demo of Workspace 365 online at www.NewDayAtWork.com.