Today we are happy to announce our partnership with Cortex Consult, an IT-provider from Copenhagen, Denmark. They will help customers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway to simplify work using a digital workspace. With over fifty IT-professionals Cortex helps companies of all sizes and from industries like pharmaceutical industry, insurance, real estate agencies, energy companies, educational institutions, etc. to work more easily using IT and their support.

“Before we contacted Cortex Consult we noticed a world-wide trend. Many applications are transitioning from Windows applications to cloud applications. However, companies do still need their current IT-infrastructure. Therefore, we allow them to combine both new technologies (like Office 365 and cloud applications) with the older technologies (e.g. Citrix XenApp, File servers or Remote desktops) in one workspace. In Denmark, we searched for a partner which could manage all these services for their customers and that is why we partner with Cortex Consult. In a short time, they have shown us that they are capable to help customers to work easier by helping them move to a cloud or hybrid workspace.” – Gijs van Hees, Opportunity Maker, New Day at Work.

“Our customers need a solution which helps them to focus on work, while we take care of their IT-infrastructure. With Workspace 365 we can help customers to move to the cloud easier using the simplification of Office 365 and integrations of their current infrastructure within one portal. This will help people to collaborate wherever they are, regardless of the device they use.” Jan Neumann, Account & Client Manager, Cortex Consult.

We are very proud of this cooperation! Would you like to try Workspace 365 or become partner? Check our partner page or send me a message to discuss the options.

Digital workspace 365 by Cortex Consult

Gijs van Hees

Gijs van Hees

Opportunity Maker

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