We are proud to announce not one, but four new partners who together form Dutch MSP, consisting of Campai, NSO, Selles and Wanbound. All four of them will use Workspace 365 to offer their customers flexibility, efficiency and user convenience. 

With collectively over 50 years of experience (with SMB) between Campai, NSO, Selles and Wanbound, these new partners have gathered a significant amount of knowledge in the area of IT and supporting customers. Campai helps their customers work more productively, not only with technology, but also with training, workshops and educational content. NSO supports their customers with IT systems that do what they were designed for and to use IT to reach company goals and detect and identify threats. Selles offers proactive IT management and believes that IT helps organisations to be more productive, innovative and profitable. And ultimately there’s Wanbound, which closely follows the developments in the area of technology and only offers the best to their customers.

“It’s special to start collaborating with four new partners in one and we’re very happy with this new partnership – or rather partnerships. At Dutch MSP customers get a flexible and head-on approach, which suits Workspace 365 very well. They offer a one-stop-shop for all challenges and understand that with these challenges, the same approach does not fit all. That is why they put IT to smart use, so that there’s a connection between the customer and their system. Moreover, they make sure that the communication towards their customers is clear and understandable. This is something Workspace 365 also stands for: offering a customized workspace that suits the user and doesn’t make their work more complicated, but easier and more efficient,” says Gijs van Hees, Opportunity Maker at New Day at Work.

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Dutch MSP Workspace 365 partner NSO Selles Campai Wanbound

Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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