We proudly introduce our new partner ACP, the largest service provider for modern workplaces and smart workspaces in Austria and Germany.

ACP has been in the IT market for almost 30 years now and believes that “Work is no longer a place to go. Work is about making things happen where you are”. Since each employee has his or her own work style, each employee also has different requirements for his or her workspace. ACP wants to make it easier for your colleagues and specialist departments in your company to work together by creating a common basis for the digitalization of business processes and faster decision-making. With its solution team, ACP transfers this vision to its customers’ companies, creating a future-oriented platform: the digital and smart workspace.

‘’It is great to see that ACP believes, just like Workspace 365 does, that the new way of work should be all about simplicity and focus on people. We are proud to have ACP in our partner network!” says Gijs van Hees, Partner Success Team Lead at Workspace 365.

“We are excited to announce the release of ACP Unified Workspace (powered by Workspace 365). We see great potential and opportunities for our customers to save costs by significantly improving their end-user experience.” says Reinhard Travnicek, Managing Director at ACP X-tech.

Discover how ACP uses Workspace 365 to create a unified workspace for healthcare organisations in Germany and Austria.

For detailed information, please contact ACP X-tech, the competence center for Smart Workspaces within the ACP Group.

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Mark Grasmayer

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