We are proud to introduce our new partner Eksa. Eksa has a lot of knowledge in the field of automation for companies and manages and supports systems. They ensure that people can work smoothly, on the local server or in the cloud.

Eksa has an extensive customer base. In the north of The Netherlands, but also beyond with customers in various industries, such as healthcare, notaries, dental industry, SMEs, production companies and entrepreneurs. They support various software and automation isn’t a secret to them. In addition, they tell and clearly show the customer what they are doing. “We work with attention for every company and think together about the best solution in the short and long term. Working proactively keeps us ahead of problems,” says Grietzen Sinnema, owner of Eksa.

“At Workspace 365, we value short lines of communication and personal attention for partners and customers, which is also a priority for Eksa. We look forward to the collaboration,” says Gijs van Hees, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Renate Geurtjens

Renate Geurtjens


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