We proudly introduce our new Norwegian partner, Ikomm AS. Ikomm AS is operating in the IT market since 2003 and aims to give their customers a positive experience by understanding and engaging with their challenges and issues.

Ikomm is an experienced digitisation partner that provides complete, secure and progressive services to the private and public sectors. With their expertise in technological solutions, they will contribute to constructive and high-quality ICT solutions that match the business processes and strategies of their customers. They are characterised by their ability to adapt their solutions to the customer needs. Today, they operate over 800 applications for more than 12,000 users throughout Scandinavia.

“We think it is great that Ikomm AS focusses on knowing what their customers need, so that they can tailor a solution that meets the company’s needs, requirements and strategic goals. This way, they can help them with making the right digital choices. That is why we are proud that Ikomm AS now also offers Workspace 365 to their customers”, says Gijs van Hees, Partner Success Team Lead at Workspace 365.

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Workspace 365 partner Ikomm AS

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Kelly van der Horst

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