We are proud to introduce our new partner ITSN. From their beautiful office in Venlo, ITSN focusses on the region South-East Netherlands. In this region, they support customers with a complete package of cloud services, hardware, software, security and managed services. With Workspace 365, they are able to unite all of these services within one online workspace.

ITSN“We always reason from the point of view of the users that use IT. They want their IT to be standard, simple and sexy. It has to be easy to use, therefore we try to involve the users that will be working with it as early as possible. After comparing several digital workspaces, this was also the reason for us to use Workspace 365 to develop our own workspace proposition. With Workspace 365 we actually give meaning to our claim, Your window to the World.” Says Hans Hendrikx, Commercial Director at ITSN.

Mark Grasmayer, Product Evangelist at Workspace 365 about the partnership: “On my way to ITSN I saw a big futuristic building; when I arrived there I realised that it was the office of ITSN. During our first encounter and follow-up sessions, my first impression was confirmed. ITSN is an innovative and future-oriented partner. I noticed that they have a strong vision and focus on the people who will actually use the workspace. For this reason, I have high expectations of our partnership and I think we will make many companies and people happy with a great workspace!”

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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