We are very happy to announce our new partner Motion10, a specialist in Azure & Integration, Modern Workplace, Data & Analytics and Adoption & Change.

In ten years, Motion10 grew from a group of eight people to an organisation with over 130 employees, and they keep growing. Growth is a very important part of their mission: they call it the ‘Circle of Growth’. This means that Motion10 ensures the growth and development of their employees, making them optimally equipped to help customers grow, which causes Motion10 to grow.

Peter de Vries, Technology Leads Business Productivity at Motion10: “We realise more and more that your modern workspace consists of more than Office 365, or any tool for that matter. Subsequently, we try to increasingly integrate everything you need to do your work properly more and more. We feel that we can really take the next step with this, with the partnership with New Day at Work.”

“Motion10 constantly deepens their understanding of their customers’ world and continuously looks for the connection between the current topics organisations deal with and ICT. This way they, together with their customer, come to innovative solutions which help their customer to work better, smarter and more efficiently. It’s great to see that a partner perpetually acquires knowledge about their customers and their field, to offer them the best fitting products and services and to help them to be successful”, says Gijs van Hees, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Motion10 Workspace 365

Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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