With pleasure we announce our new partner: Ultimum, originally a family business which has been a reliable IT partner of a great variety of organisations for over 20 years.

Rodrigo Soto Escamilla, Managing Director of Ultimum, gives his thoughts: “At Ultimum, we put the business and the key tasks of our customers first. We make sure that the technology optimally facilitates this, so we can provide custom work that suits the wishes, needs and the organisation of the customer. At Ultimum we greatly value quality, knowledge and know-how, while our core values such as solidarity and commitment always stay clear. We are going to use Workspace 365 to offer our customers a safe workspace which is accessible at any time and from any place.”

“Workspace 365 is continually improving and thinks this is important with their partners as well. Ultimum is constantly on top of trends and does not only keep themselves informed, but they also apply these trends. This attitude matches our flexible workspace, which grows with the technological advancements and the needs of the user. Moreover, Ultimum grows with the ambitions of their customer”, says Gijs van Hees, Opportunity Maker at New Day at Work.

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Ultimum partner Workspace 365

Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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