We are proud to introduce our new Spanish partner Inkoova. They focus on innovation and transformation within the IT landscape. In addition, they offer various cloud services and assist people with the adoption.

It is impossible to be productive if you have to do everything over and over again. Therefore, Inkoova helps companies to innovate and create more efficient work processes. This encourages more productivity and better performance. They offer personal IT solutions and paying attention to the customer is paramount. “Being innovative does not always mean inventing something new, but may mean that you have to change your business model and adapt to changes in your environment, to offer better products or services,” says Ricard Garau Escala, founder and CEO at Inkoova.

“We are proud of a partner like Inkoova, where giving attention to the customer comes first. Together we will make it a great success,” says Gijs van Hees, Success Maker at Workspace 365.

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Mark Grasmayer

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