In March we started inviting IT-resellers who already sell Office 365 to Workspace 365 workshops. The goal: show them how to increase their margin on Office 365 by offering Workspace 365, the online workspace of the future. These workshops are also giving us very helpful information of which we will share in more detail with this post.

Sell Office 365 more easily

Most of the IT-resellers attending our workshops sell Office 365, setup networks and create backups for small and medium businesses. With all these new cloud services, they are facing a new challenge. First of all they find it hard to compete with others offering these services. With little margins and pricing open out on the internet. Secondly offering standard services requires them to differentiate on their service level. We want to give IT-resellers another option, namely their own unique branded workspace combining the best of both worlds. By offering this white label workspace we try to help our resellers to become the talk of the town.

Create upsells on Office 365

Not only can you offer Office 365 for Exchange online, but through Workspace 365 SharePoint becomes a very powerful Document Management System. Workspace 365 enables you to create more upsells by offering our or third party business apps within the same workspace. With single sign-on employees can easily access all apps from your unique branded workspace. You can offer a branded version of Workspace 365 on top of it using your own branding or create a special workspace for your customers. This way you have your own unique cloud portfolio.

When you face similar challenges, please let us know. We’ll be glad to help you get started selling Workspace 365 powered by Office 365.