Customer Success services

As a Workspace 365 partner, you will automatically get in contact with one of our Customer Success Makers. To support our partners and their large customers in the best possible way, we like to join the first meeting with the customer to determine the customer value and to identify the customer’s challenges.

After the digital workspace has been launched within the customer’s organisation, we like to join a meeting again to check whether the customer value is correct and to discover if we can improve something for them.

Our Customer Success Makers are committed to helping our partners get the most out of their customers’ new digital workspace, Workspace 365. They will guide you through the implementation process, support you in the digital transformation and give advice based on their experience and expertise.

Onboarding packages

Inclusive onboarding

The inclusive onboarding is for our partners with customers above a certain threshold based on vertical.*

Customer value alignment

Join the first alignment meeting

Converting goals and values to Workspace 365 functionality

Customer value check based on workspace set up


* for a number of verticals we have set conditions for the threshold

Care ≥  400 users
Government ≥ 150 users
Education ≥ 2000 users
Other ≥ 200

Enterprise onboarding

Enterprise onboarding provides the support needed to implement your digital workspace.

Mapping the workspace

Project design



Workspace 365 setup

Converting goals and values to Workspace 365 functionality

Functional design

Testing period

Keys to the initial setup of a workplace

Workspace optimalisation

Going live with Workspace 365

Workspace deployment

Project validation


Custom onboarding

An onboarding package fully customised to your organisation’s needs. This package is an extension of the Enterprise onboarding with:

Training & Support

Training Support Team

Training Testing Team

End User Training

Customised instruction materials

Instruction videos

Quick Start Guides



Custom Prices

Workpace 365 partners

We are happy to help our partners with onboarding new customers. That’s why we’ve made a Customer Succes learning track on the partner portal.

In this learning track we’ll guide you through the stages of a Workspace 365 customer onboarding. So, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to onboard new customers.

Workspace 365 Customer Success Advisor

More information about the packages or curious about the custom packages?

Feel free to call us or request information.