Onboarding services of Workspace 365 

Our Customer Success Makers are committed to help you get the most out of your new digital workspace, Workspace 365. They will guide you through the implementation process, support your digital transformation process and give advice based on their experience and expertise.

Choosing an onboarding service

Workspace 365 offers several onboarding packages to help you adopt and implement the digital workspace. It’s possible to go live within 12 weeks, but if you need more guidance, this is of course always possible. Please feel free to contact one of our Customer Success Makers to discuss what your organisation needs.

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The Workspace 365 onboarding

Enterprise onboarding

Enterprise onboarding provides the support you need to implement your digital workspace.

Mapping the workspace

Project design



Workspace 365 setup

Converting goals and values to Workspace 365 functionality

Functional design

Testing period

Keys to the initial setup of a workplace

Workspace optimisation 

Going live with Workspace 365

Workspace deployment

Project validation


Custom onboarding

An onboarding package fully customised to your organisation’s needs. This package is an extension of the Enterprise onboarding with:

Training & Support

Training Support Team

Training Testing Team

End-User Training

Customised instruction materials

Instruction videos

Quick Start Guides



Custom Prices

Workpace 365 partners

We are dedicated to help our partners increase their success. Are you a Workspace 365 partner? Then you will find the special partner services and corresponding prices here.

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Stage 1: Getting started

What we’ll cover:

Establishing goals, values, challenges, and roles

Defining success criteria

What we’ll guide you on:

Creating persona’s

Creating representative testing group

Determine needed resources (applications, documents, processes, communications)

Stage 2: Inspiration

What we’ll cover:

Converting goals to Workspace 365 functionalities from 4 perspectives:

  • IT: Applications, Documents and Single Sign-On
  • Communication: Announcements, news, media & communication- and collaboration tools
  • HR: Internal processes, adress book and intranet functionalities
  • Users: relevant and simple adaptive workspace

What we’ll guide you on:

Internal communication strategy

Inventarisation general layout of the workspace

Stage 3: Functional design

What we’ll cover:

Creating Workspace 365 design

Functional explanation of the following components

  • Branding
  • Creating apps
  • Creating shared tile groups
  • Setting up personal and shared spaces
  • Conditional access

What we’ll guide you on:

Rights and permissions

Best practices

Review of the workspace

Stage 4: Testing

What we’ll cover:

Define testing period(s)

Define feedback process

Review of goals and challenges from stage 1

What we’ll guide you on:

Instruction front-line support

Instruction or training testing group

Validation goals Workspace 365

Process feedback

Stage 5: Going Live

What we’ll cover:

Going live strategy of Workspace 365 for the entire organisation

Defining instruction material

  • Standard Quick Start Guide
  • Standard instruction video

Personalised instruction material

  • 2 instruction video
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 User training

What we’ll guide you on:

Review going live

Project review

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