Smartwatches are used for sports, entertainment and simple messaging. But what if you could open your Office documents, activities, projects, invoices and anything else you can think of from your wrist? With Workspace 365 we want to allow you to work anywhere, anytime and using any device! This is one of the reasons why we made Workspace 365 browser-based and this is the reason that I’ll now show you how you can open Workspace 365 from your smartwatch. Why would you use Workspace 365 on your smartwatch? Well, I use it to check if I have open activities or if my colleagues have activities on which I can help them. This is especially handy at events where it would be asocial to pull out your smartphone. So let’s see how you can open Workspace 365 on your smartwatch.

Instal a browser on your smartwatch

The first step is to instal a browser on your smartwatch. Unfortunately, if your smartwatch doesn’t support a browser you’re in bad luck and you’ll still have to use your phone, tablet, laptop or pc to open your Workspace 365 environment. However, you could adjust your Business App settings to receive an email when an activity or project is created, edited or deleted which you’ll also see on your smartwatch. After installing the browser set Workspace 365 as a bookmark to gain quick access the next time you visit the workspace.

Just visit your link

We like to keep things simple, so just visit your Workspace 365 link which your admin gave you. In this case we’ll have a look at the Workspace 365 demo, so what I do is I visit and log in with my credentials (click here to receive credentials). What you’ll see now is that it detects your screen-size and that it’ll adjust to it. After that, you’re ready to go and impress your colleagues, finish your tasks and keep an eye on every business process!

What are you waiting for go check out Workspace 365 on your smartwatch and send me an email how you experienced it at [email protected] 

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