In the past year, we’ve seen an incredible increase in people reading, learning and watching the Workspace 365 blogs, updates and videos. And as we’ve come to the end of 2018, we like to share the most watched videos. After all, we are very curious to know what you’ve spent tens of thousands of minutes on. We hope that these videos bring you up-to-date on how we simplify work. So, I proudly present to you: our 10 most popular Workspace 365 videos of 2018.

1. Workspace 365: Introduction of your digital workspace

As we want to simplify your work, we created a complete introduction to Workspace 365. In the video you see how we simplify work and integrate different technologies to save people  time.

2. What is Clientless RDP and how can your business benefit?

After introducing Clientless RDP, we saw an increasing demand from partners and customers. Many of them wondered if it would be the right solution for them. That is why we created this video, explaining what exactly Clientless RDP can do to simplify your work on any device. Did you already remove the hassle of passwords, client installations and updates for your employees?  

3. Working at Workspace 365

2018 has been a year of amazing growth, which means that we are very open to welcoming new talent. And what better way to introduce ourselves to potential new colleagues than with a video? (Want to start the new year fresh? We still have some job openings for talents like you!)

4. Promax & Workspace 365 partnership

About a year ago, Promax was looking for a solution for one of their healthcare customers and came across Workspace 365. Since then, we are happy to be able to call Promax our partner. In this video, Cloud Sales Manager Sanne Dolphijn from Promax talks about their experiences with the digital workspace. All our partners in the Partner Boost Program have the opportunity to record a video together with us. This allows them to introduce themselves to IT managers and business owners who visit our site or follow us on social media.

5. ISSYS ICT about Workspace 365, the digital workspace

ISSYS ICT saw a rise in the amount of applications that only need a browser. They wanted a solution that allowed their customers to not necessarily part with their old environments, but to also enable them to work with a new one. They now enable their customers to work smarter with Workspace 365, a workspace that adapts to your current and new IT solutions. In our Partner Boost Program we help partners to be successful with the digital workspace. We do this with, among other things, a partner video, in which partners can introduce themselves to the potential customers that visit our website and social channels.

6. How to integrate SharePoint in your digital workplace

One important thing we simplify is SharePoint, for instance when you’re working with documents. But what if you want to show SharePoint blogs, lists or your intranet on the dashboard of the workspace? In just 30 seconds, this video shows you how you can easily integrate these SharePoint elements in Workspace 365.

7. Partner webinar: Create a digital workspace

We have given several webinars this year, and we like to make them available for everyone who could not attend or who would like to have a second look at everything that’s discussed. The webinar with the most second looks (or looks in general) was our partner webinar, in which Product Evangelist Mark Grasmayer explains the benefits of Workspace 365 for partners and how they can use it to simplify work for their customers.

8. DataByte & Workspace 365

With the growing importance of a personalised access portal, DataByte chose Workspace 365 to offer a modern digital workspace to their customers. In this video, Director Business Development Peter Bijker talks about their partnership with Workspace 365. This video has been made as a part of the Partner Boost Program, in which we enable partners to get the maximum value out of the digital workspace.

9. Secure your digital workspace

You can’t really call security a ‘hot topic’, since it’s always been important, but it has certainly been a much-discussed subject this year. We too find it a crucial part of the workspace, thus we shared with you how you can add additional security to it in this webinar.

10. Workspace 365 for Construction

How a digital workspace can help construction companies to deliver their work better, faster and more efficiently? In this video we explain how Workspace 365 supports construction companies every step of the way.

So these were the most popular videos of 2018. Please let us know your favourite! Is there something you’d really like to see a video on in 2019? Send us a message!

Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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