Now that we’re looking back on the past year with for instance our most popular videos, of course we also have to list the most popular blogs. So here they are: the 5 most-read blogs of 2018.

1. Get a YouTube RSS Feed URL from your channels

There are many things you can do with our RSS feeds, one of which being integrating your (company’s) YouTube channel into your workspace. But how exactly do you do this, and how do you find the RSS feed URL from your channel? In this blog, we explain how exactly you can stay updated on the latest videos of your YouTube channel through the RSS feed.

2. What is Microsoft 365 and what is our view on it?

After Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 in August last year, we got many questions about it. Such as: what is it? And: can we combine it with Workspace 365? We decided to answer all the questions you (may) have in this blog and tell you how you can increase your security by combining Workspace 365 with Microsoft 365.

microsoft 365 & workspace 365

3. How you turn Office 365 into a digital workspace

Many organisations have already made a transition to Office 365, however for many organisations it is still not sufficient as a digital workspace and many features are experienced as complicated. There’s more to get out of Office 365, by integrating it with Workspace 365. In this blog we tell you how.

Workspace 365 background

4. The benefits of Yammer in a digital workspace

This year we’ve integrated the enterprise social media Yammer into our digital workspace, which is great, but why would you use it? We’ll tell you why. Using Yammer within your organisation has many benefits, including increasing collaboration and improving the information flow within the organisation. Read about all the benefits of using Yammer in our blog.

Workspace 365 voordelen Yammer in een digitale werkplek

5. The benefits of Power BI in Workspace 365

Are you already using Power BI? Because you probably should. Using Power BI in your digital workspace allows you to always get insight into real-time data for every role. In this blog, we discuss what Power BI is exactly, the added value of integrating it into your workspace and the practices and benefits it has for specific key roles in your organisation.

Power BI dashboard Workspace 365


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Georgien Modijefsky

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